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ELEVAT LTD. LEGAL HOUSE is a professional legal and consulting company with 17 years of practice in the provision of legal counseling and juridical advice to national and multinational clients, governmental and municipal bodies and organizations, primarily focused in the field of Corporate and Business law, International, Real estate, Administrative and Financial Law.

ELEVAT LTD. LEGAL HOUSE began its activity in 1994 as a joint venture partnership and was registered as a limited company in 1995.

In order to meet the specific needs of the newly forming Bulgarian open market at that time, the company was initially specialized in privatization law services and transactions.

In 1998, for a period of a couple of years, we were appointed and acted as an authorized official “privatization agent” of the Sofia Municipal Privatization Agency, involved in a number of significant privatization procedures.

Our experience in the process of private acquisition of state and municipal enterprises includes specialized legal services such as: preparation of thorough legal analysis of the entities, evaluations, legal check on privatization contracts, drafts for minutes and decisions, counseling in negotiations and meetings ect.

Some of the achievements of our team are participation in the privatization the biggest enterprises in Bulgaria – manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in the food and domestic goods industry - managers of the biggest national networks of plants, stores and shops, such as: Hraniteni Stoki EAD, Kulinar EAD, NarMag EAD and others.

During the following decade the law firm expanded its activities in concession and insurance law, public litigation, commercial and civil law, intellectual property, maritime law ect.

We worked on a number of projects with the Ministry of Environment and Water in Bulgaria, prepared concession analysis on thermal waters; successfully represented local and foreign clients in court proceedings against big private and state corporations, such as the State Insurance Institute /DZI/,acted as a consultants of the Ministry of Transport in the construction agreement for the new Terminal of Sofia Airport and others.

Our professional background and experience covers juridical advice, consultations, legal assistance and liaison with a wide portfolio of national and multinational commercial companies and major corporations, such as: "Compagnie des hotels de luxe" S.A, "Hilton International" Co - USA, "Cibex - International" S.A.-France, “E.Edhardt y Compania” S.A. – Spain, “Inebolu Denizcilik Sanayi ve Ticaret” JSC – Turkey, Gastroymontaj JSC – Bulgaria, Vodkanalproekt – Metalproekt Ingeneering JSC - Bulgaria, “Chistota – Sofia” AD - Bulgaria, JTI Ltd, as well as non – profit juridical persons - foundations, associations, ecology, conservation and research organization.

Being a legal advisor of some of the oldest project and construction companies in Bulgaria, we have now accrued profound professional knowledge and experience in construction agreements, /inclusive of the specific construction conditions, established by the Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils /FIDIC/; assisted the preparation of public tender dossiers, consortium agreements and other documentation for many of the biggest public procurement contracts, some of which successfully awarded to our corporate Clients.

ELEVAT LTD team consists of highly qualified professional lawyers, graduates of the most prestigious institutions in Bulgaria, having sustainable local and international professional background and experience. Our lawyers are holders of Master degrees in International Law & Relations, Public Administration & Litigation, fluent in English, German & Russian languages.

We aim to invest our utmost efforts to satisfy our clients’ requirements with accuracy, loyalty and professionalism.


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